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Life Insurance

Life insurance in general is an important part of a good overall financial plan.  By having the right type of life insurance, a decedent’s loved ones will be able to pay off debts such as mortgage, car, education and continue their current lifestyle without future hardships and financial struggles.

As we get older, the need for life insurance coverage does not go away. It does change. One type of life insurance coverage that is often marketed to those who are older is final expense coverage.

Final expense life insurance is a type of coverage that provides pay  the cost of a funeral, burial, and related expenses that are considered to be “final expenses.” This coverage is sometimes referred to as “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance.” The face amount of this coverage is not typically high, with proceeds usually ranging between $5,000 and $50,000 per policy.

Whether your worried about your family's financial wellbeing or simply just want to cover your funeral and burial costs we have an array of policies that can put your mind at ease.

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